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TBOS OCT Audition Part 1 by LeXy66 TBOS OCT Audition Part 1 by LeXy66
Name: Ochre
Age: 20
Chosen by: Mudd
Gift Description: The blank papyrus notebook Pyrus gave to her has the function of combustion.

Physical Description
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 56 kg
Gender: Female
Skin Colour: Dark tan
Eye Colour: Hazel green
Hair: Very short and dirty blonde
Additional Info: Ochre has a disability of being mute. Her hair is short enough to mistake her for a boy, if it weren’t for her curbs.

Despite being mute, Ochre has a loud personality. Having no knowledge of writing or reading (and no patience in drawing), she relies highly on her body language to express everything she means. She is very protective of her body and despises those who touches it or violates it. She has the tendency to turn into a very violent person, but she tries to control it. She is also a pyromaniac who has difficulty controlling it when Pyrus isn’t around. When it comes to human things, she is quite clueless but when it comes to humans, she is very sympathetic and comforting.

Ochre doesn’t take things seriously unless it’s about Pyrus. She has an obsession over Pyrus, which in turn gets annoying for those who ‘watch’ her ‘talk’ about him. She makes jokes in the most unlikely times and she turns something funny into something which will disturb you. She enjoys messing with people along her travels. She gets frustrated easily when people cannot understand what she is trying to say. She would usually just stare at them until they understand.

Ochre is also tired of being close to people who will just turn away from her, so she tries to avoid making friends with anyone. But she hates seeing people’s relationships fall apart over petty things that on occasion she would get out of her way and secretly lift the conflict in the relationship.

She is also quite fond of loud things or instruments and has a short attention span.

Ochre was born into the world as a fish egg and spent her childhood as a mermaid. Her family was only a small one but she was the third youngest of six sisters, each, having their own ‘talents’ except for her. Her skills in dancing were thought of as unorthodox as they didn’t revolve around the formality of their tradition; they considered it as too brash.

She kept herself away from home and became best friends with another mermaid, Deity, whom she later found out was the princess of the kingdom. She felt somewhat betrayed and jealous, but she couldn’t leave Deity because the queen had just died and her father was in his deathbed. Deity was required to rule at the kingdom only at the age of 16, the same age as Ochre, but she was obligated to marry a prince from another kingdom which was slowly descending into ruins.

Ochre was offered by the new queen to live within the castle with her as one of her supervisors and royal dancers. Ochre gave herself time to think it over, but when the moment came for her to accept the offer; she saw her best friend and her fiancée out on the balcony, looking over their new kingdom. Upon seeing the queen so happy, she knew she wasn’t needed anymore. She declined her offer and decided to start her own story.

She left the perimeters of the kingdom, towards the surface. Their kingdom was only small and it was hidden underneath an island. When she ascended above the waters, she was met by one of the island’s tribes canoeing along the mellow currents. She had never seen humans before and she thought that was the closest she’d ever get. She was suddenly bumped into by a canoe from behind. The boy in the canoe quickly jumped off and swam towards her, thinking she couldn’t swim as only men were allowed to enter the waters in his tribe.

The boy started yelling at her for being in the water but Ochre only stared at him. The boy suddenly saw her tail and let her go. He climbed back onto his canoe. Ochre suddenly snapped out of her trance and did a flip over the canoe. The boy clapped which only made Ochre smile brightly at him. The two of them showed each other tricks in the water and talked about the many differences in their lives and customs. When the boy left, Ochre knew what she wanted out of her life.

She swam back to the kingdom and asked for directions to the hut of the Shaman near a shore. Deity opposed to such a stupid action but Ochre argued on her point only to be exiled forever if she chooses to leave the kingdom. Ochre left without saying a word. She swam to another island and found the Shaman. She asked the Shaman to turn her into a human so she can live on land with the boy. The Shaman told her to trade her voice in for her immortality, but she’d only get it back if she proves that it is ‘true love’ she has found. Ochre agreed and thus lost her voice.

When she found herself back on the island and nearing the tribal hut of the boy, she saw him come out of the hut with his wife and kids. Ochre quickly ran away into the forest of the island and threaded onwards, not knowing where to go.

She travelled and met a Fire Dancer, Pyrus, who took her in and taught her everything he knew about fire. Ochre lived with Pyrus for years. Once she realized she was in love with him and so was he, Pyrus disappeared.

Telepathic: She can communicate using her thoughts but only under water, to both animals and plants.
Acrobatic: Having lived underwater, her body was free to bend and flip into so many positions. When she moved to Earth, gravity was not so kind to her so it restricted some of her movements but she’s still as flexible, but only capable of flipping to certain heights.
Fire Dancer: She knows the basics of fire dancing, from throwing the enflamed batons into the sky to breathing out fire from her mouth. She also has an extensive knowledge of how to start and stop fire and she has the means to control it and manipulate it to her own disposal.
Weaver: In her kingdom, women were taught to weave and make clothing out of weed. She later on applied this knowledge using land materials and makes her own clothing.

((I'm sorry, I'll fix the text later to be more appealing looking))
Art by: Chiitan
rosette1408 Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
When I saw this in my notifications, I looked at the artwork and said to myself, 'Hey. This isn't Lexy's style. Maybe she just adapted a new one. Strange though.' Gladly to see that this wasn't true at all. I wonder why YOU didn't draw it yourself you noob.
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